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Ocicat Rescue  
      Most reputable breeders make arrangements to take back cats from owners they originally bred. But in some circumstances Ocicats end up in Rescue organizations.

Ocicat Rescue is made up of primarily concerned Ocicat breeders. Although a small group we do our best to help place these Ocicats in forever homes. has done an excellent job of supplying a site for all rescue groups.
Ocicat Rescue has a listing with

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Below are some pictures and a story of one such rescue.


One day I received an email on our ocilist from a North
Carolina shelter concerning what they believed to be an
Ocicat. The shelter was located in Pittsboro North  Carolina just a hop skip and a jump from Siler City, if you are a Andy Griffin show fan you would have heard of Siler City.

The shelter said they thought it was an Ocicat because it looked like pictures they saw on the internet. They said the cat had been reported in the woods and they set out a trap to catch it. Being the skeptic that I am, I was sure this was just another spotted looking cat. Another rescue organization offered to go take some pictures to send so I could verify that it was indeed an Ocicat. No pictures came and time was going to grow short. Although we received a fairly good snow I decided to make the trip to the Pittsboro Shelter and rescue this "spotted" cat and find a home even if it wasn't an Ocicat.

In the meantime thru emails and phone calls breeders were contacted to see if anyone had sold a male in that area. No one claimed to have done so so I figured if it was an Ocicat surely it had just fallen from the sky.

I arrived at the shelter and made my way to the cat room and there to my surprise was a chocolate spotted neutered Ocicat. I finished the paper work, packed him up and decided to visit some of the local vets to see if someone knew of a lost Ocicat. The first vet I found I asked but most didn't seem to know what an Ocicat was. I brought him in and they were thrilled to see such a lovely cat. The receptionist offered to call other local vets to see if any had clients who had an Ocicat. After a while it was obvious that no vets in the area had an Ocicat on their records. So I headed up with the new addition.

Arriving home I brought the kennel cab in the house and our rescue Rottweiler had to sniff him out. In the kennel cab the Ocicat had no reaction to this big dog. Within a day or two it was obvious this boy had been raised with dogs. By the picture you can see he became fast friends with the Rottie and tolerated our rescue pug puppy. It was not unusual to watch as Rufus lay on the floor and was tormented by the Pug puppy "Noodle". When he had had enough, he would pin her to the floor. One of their favorite games was for Rufus to climb into one of our big flower pots and wait for "Noodle" to come by at which point he would pop her on the head.
My husband took a fast liking to him and named him  Rufus. We found a home for him in Pennsylvania and the new owner there regularly contacts us with pictures and an up date on how he is doing. To this date, my  husband thinks Rufus is the coolest cat he's ever met!